Benefits of Funding.  The Advocate Fund allows companies to move plaintiff litigation off balance sheet and off risk, freeing up capital to invest into its core product offering or service.  Funding may also allow companies to maintain a risk averse strategy while allowing previously unpursued claims to be monetised and provide a return to the business.  Return to the fund is only paid from recoveries and provides cover for security for costs if required and meets any adverse cost order. This means no exposure to the business.

Benefits for Lawyers.  The Advocate Fund allows law firms to work with their client base to pursue claims that otherwise exceed the risk appetite of the business.  The fund pays legal fees and expenses on time, ensuring reliable cash flow to the firm and Funding allows firms to run larger claims without creating financial pressure on a firm that would otherwise arise from a no win / no fee arrangement.

Funding Criteria. We fund a full range of claims that have good prospects of success. Key funding metrics include:

  • Probability of win by judgement
  • Assurance of recovery
  • Running time
  • Projected total funding cost
  • Projected total award amount

Funding models are determined by working with the claimant to establish the right formula for their specific criteria and needs.

Funding Process. Contact us to discuss your case. We will give you quick indication on whether your case meets our funding profile.

Fees. We apply a risk based fund model. By identifying such key metrics as projected running time, and prospects of success and recovery, TAF can outline the individual terms of funding. Generally, if the case is successful, TAF will seek a return on the funds invested plus a percentage of the award amount which can range from 20 to 40% depending upon the risk profile of the claim.

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